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Religion: Society’s Cancer

September 3, 2013

Religion: Society’s Cancer. I’m tired of people using the “live and let live” mentality for religion.
I obviously don’t take that approach, and this is why. Thanks for watching =)
Video by JaclynGlenn


Evolution Vs. God – An Atheist Review

August 15, 2013

In this video I own Ray Comfort on every idiotic point he made in his video “Evolution Vs. God”. This is one of my longest videos since I go through the science of evolution and also of the universe. Since I know people are going to ask, I majored in Biomedical Sciences. Not that a science degree is required to understand these very basic points. Thanks for watching =)

video by: JaclynGlenn

10 Things Christians Should Know About Homosexuality

August 6, 2013

Video by: JaclynGlenn

Disproving Christianity: Jesus is a LIE

July 30, 2013

Video by: JaclynGlenn

Sexual Hate Mail by JaclynGlenn

July 22, 2013

You’d think that theists would be able to string a sentence together, make a really valid point, or even make sense at all…, BUT they can’t.

Video by JaclynGlenn

Obedience to God Cartoon

July 18, 2013

by JaclynGlenn

A Poem For God

July 17, 2013

Video by JaclynGlenn