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You Got a Christian

March 28, 2014

You Got a Christian


1 Corinthians

November 15, 2013


Said no doctor ever

November 10, 2013

Said no doctor ever


October 15, 2013

zeus is fake

Post this to your family members

October 7, 2013

no religious ceremony

Beliefs vs. Facts

October 7, 2013

religious beliefs

Your god looks silly

October 7, 2013

how silly gods look


October 7, 2013


Dogma Debate app for iOS

September 18, 2013

Dogma Debate for all iOS Devices is out!

This app comes with:

  • Debate Topics
  • Evolution Basics
  • Ask Creationist Questions
  • Bible Contradictions
  • Sound Drops from the Dogma Debate Podcast
  • Listen to the Podcast straight from the app

Need help with a tough question from a Theist or Creationist?
Use this app to help debate and help gain knowledge.

Get the app Here: Dogma Debate for iOS


Dogma Debate Homescreen

The Bible Saves!

September 17, 2013